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In Moscow's travel extension sits Salaris, a 27.9 hectare travel center point at present under development in Moscow Oblast. The venture legitimately faces Kievskoye Highway and is the last stop along the Oblast metro line, making it an immediate channel into Moscow's downtown area.

All things considered, the center point is intended to work as a door interfacing old Moscow to the new, and is customized with urban spaces, retail, amusement and eateries. The transportation focus will incorporate the Salaryevo metro station, bus stop, LRT, BRT, and leaving.

Expanded stretches of bay windows flank a bamboo roof over the two long concourses and catch common light for the duration of the day. The inside spaces are both terrific and inviting; normal materials are utilized all through the venture, passing on the feeling of warmth and nature. Parlor zones additionally keep running all through the undertaking to give spaces to unwinding, home bases and workmanship viewings.

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