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Propelled by customary Chinese artistic creations, Original Design Office's Fan Zeng Art Museum is a wash of grays

Unique Design Studio has been bit by bit building up its novel engineering language, from the Shanghai History Museum of Guild Halls with its semi-translucent materials that coordinate outside and in, to the 'Power Station of Art', the Shanghai Modern Art Museum, with its numerous yards in a huge volume. This enhanced jargon comes full circle in the Fan Zeng Art Museum.

From the road, the exhibition hall is an unforeseen pleasure, situated on an enormous territory of land at the south-east of Nantong University's new grounds. Inaccessible from neighbors, both physically and structurally, the gallery adopts a novel strategy contrasted and run of the mill grounds structures in China, where complex compositional deceives frequently produce confounding spatial successions. The stone monument takes after a Chinese stamp squeezed against rice paper, leaving an engraving and engrossing the view. The separation between the historical center and its neighbors both characterizes its very own limit and features its uniqueness from the ill defined urban rationale. You can detect the impact of customary Chinese painting in the engineering, maybe even the ink and wash works of art of the structure's namesake, Fan Zeng, an ace painter.

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