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The Library, a striking structure planned by the Copenhagen-based design studios COBE and Transform, was considered in light of a challenge propelled by the Copenhagen Municipality in 2009. The Municipality looked for another open milestone which would be obvious over the skyscraper advancements under development in northwest Copenhagen.

COBE and Transform's triumphant proposition was to redesign and expand the current culture house while offering the site another character inside and out. The four overhanging brilliant squares, which the planners allude to as a 'pile of books', likewise meant to 'unite the network'.

Today, seven years after the structure was finished, the library stays well known with little youngsters and families, particularly at ends of the week. The full-stature chamber supports course through the structure by means of a system of staircases and overhangs with perspectives down to the youngsters' library beneath. The free toward the northern patio is kept up through the structure, yet seems, by all accounts, to be once in a while utilized.

The overhanging show corridor at the highest point of the structure presently has an energetic program of occasions which keep running consistently. Beneath the corridor can be discovered two degrees of interconnecting cabinets, taking into account both high school and grown-up perusers. The Library likewise suits open art workshops with offices, for example, sewing machines and a potters wheel. The Danish Citizen Service, 'Borgerservice' has likewise moved in to the structure.

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