A tilted window is regularly not robber confirmation. So as to have the option to ventilate

safely when the room is empty, a

equal anticipating equipment has been built up that stops the window 5 mm from

the edge all around. The ventilation conduct of an equal anticipating window is fundamentally better than a tilted window in light of the fact that

exhaust air is evacuated at the top and new

wind currents in from the base, which results

in a sound indoor atmosphere because of warm

convection. This supposed latent ventilation guarantees a consistent inventory of outside air

also, forestalls auxiliary harm, for example due to

shape framing in the uncovers. It additionally guarantees

that the windows are adequately shut to

forestall entrance of water, but at the same time are

thief restraining, decrease commotion and give

a high level of vitality effectiveness.

Thief restraint while ventilating: secure equal projection gives the equivalent

level of robber opposition as a shut

window. The window likewise looks shut from

the outside, which upgrades its robber repressing properties.

The particular structure of the UNI-JET

SeClimate equal anticipating equipment is

accessible in 3 variations:

UNI-JET SeClimate: when the handle is

turned through 90°, the window ventures

by 5 mm and when the handle is turned

through a further 90° the window can be

swung open.

UNI-JET SeClimate vario: this variation offers boundless opportunity of decision while ventilating, contingent upon individual inclination,

season or room circumstance. The sort of

ventilation in the 90° handle position can

be chosen essentially by modifying two strikers

on the edge: either secure night ventilation

with equal projection or ordinary tilt

ventilation with high pace of air trade.

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