„ More solace

The multi-point lock is opened and

bolted again by an engine. The entirety of this

takes just seconds - peaceful, secure and

solid. When the entryway falls shut,

the SECURY ePOWER locks the entryway by

engine; opening is finished utilizing present day

get to control frameworks.

„ Security with multi-point


A third extra lock underneath the principle

lock case guarantees improved robber

insurance. Concerning robber hindrance, this entryway securing framework is classified one of the most elevated security


„ Security with methodical methodology

The SECURY ePOWER is good

with all BKS get to control frameworks and

is appropriate for entryway computerization with

GU Automatic swing-entryway drives.

„ Enhanced security with the "Controlled daytime discharge (KTF)" work

On the off chance that entryways are oftentimes utilized, for example due to

high volume of open traffic, lasting discharge is conceivable as standard.

Notwithstanding the standard daytime

discharge (TF), we give the alternative of

controlled daytime discharge (KTF): this

work is electrically enacted by means of a

consistent sign (for example time switch or

key switch). The entryway remains bolted

what's more, the extra bolting components

are just for all time withdrew after

the entryway has been opened for the first


„ Versatile use

As crisis leave gadget (EN 179) and

as frenzy leave gadget (EN 1125), additionally for

use in obstruction free development (DIN

18040), because of engine driven locking

also, opening.

„ Tested toughness

Another significant angle in connection

to maintainability was exhibited by

toughness tests comprising of more than

200,000 incitation cycles (class 7). The

sham mullion profiles are additionally made

of top notch hardened steel.

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