At one time a man had a child. This man got by purchasing and selling flying creatures. One day he became ill and kicked the bucket. His child didn't have a clue what his dad was doing.

One day mother,

- My mom, how might my dad procure his living? Let me know, on the off chance that I can, when we state we'll coexist with her,

- My child, your dad used to get by selling and selling fowls. Kid,

- What might my dad hold with the fowls? - he inquires. Her mom,

- When my child says that the dad has a snare in the upper room, he would hold it with him. He went to the open country and set up the snare on a tree. At that point sir, a crow comes and gets caught. At the point when the kid escaped the tree and took the snare, the crow argued and said to the kid;

- Let me go. I'll send you delightful flying creatures that will pay you. At the point when you state that you acquire a great deal of cash when you hold them and sell them, the kid can not stand the supplication of ​​the crow and discharge him.

Once more, while setting up the snare and holding up at the base of the tree, a flying creature from past comes caught. The kid promptly goes to the tree. At the point when he saw the feathered creature, he was struck by his excellence, and how wonderful this fowl was, as he continued looking cheerful, the crow dug out from a deficit and said to the kid,

- Take this winged creature and offer it to the Sultan. At the point when he says he gives you a ton of cash - he put the winged animal in an enclosure and goes to the sultan's castle.

At the point when the sultan saw the winged animal, he loved it and gave the kid a great deal of cash. Despite the fact that the kid celebrates to take the cash and return home, the sultan constructed a brilliant enclosure for the winged creature and put it in it; He plays around with this fledgling day and night and makes the most of his time. The sultan's vizier was desirous of this kid,

- Sir, this winged animal is excellent, yet it ought to have an ivory manor; it suits her. Sultan

- When Eyla stated, from where to discover so much ivory - the vizier - Sir, he finds the ivory that brought the winged creature - by calling the kid right away,

- You'll carry me ivory to make a chateau. Kid

- My sultan, where would i be able to find that ivory? - Says the sultan

- Wherever you discover it. Permit you forty days. On the off chance that you can't discover it, I'll have your neck hit following forty days.

The kid goes to his home reasoning. Crows are embedded close to him while sitting

- What do you think? The kid likewise tells about the work. Crow

- Is that a troublesome thing? Please, when the sultan needs forty vehicles, the kid goes

- My sultan, I will bring the ivory you need, yet you will give me forty vehicles of wine.

Upon the request for the sultan, they gave the kid forty vehicles of wine. The crow again comes as the kid takes the vehicles and goes,

- Go some place. There are forty troughs there. The same number of elephants come and drink water from those troughs. You fill these wines into the troughs, cover up and pause. At the point when the elephants are parched, they come to play and jump, drink the wines from the troughs. At that point they all become inebriated and fall. At the point when you proceed to expel all the elephants' teeth and take them to the sultan, the kid (data pulls the vehicles and arrives. As the crow stated, he empties the wines into the troughs, concealing some place and sitting. Elephants originate from that point and drink those wines. At the point when they go, they all tumble to the ground. The kid goes quickly, evacuates all the teeth of the elephants, loads them in the sacks and loads them into the vehicle, carries them to the correct sultan. The sultan fabricated a structure out of those ivory puts the feathered creature inside, however the fledgling doesn't make any stable. Sultan

- This flying creature is so lovely, asking why it doesn't crow - its vizier, - Sir, this fowl unquestionably has a proprietor; he should find that this winged animal will sing.

When the Sultan says - O lala, where do we discover it? - the vizier,

- Sir, who discovers this ivory will discover it as well, he answers. Immediately, the sultan called the kid and stated, "My child, I need the proprietor of this winged creature, as well."

- O Sultan, I kept this in the open country; "What do I know?" he answers. Sultan,

- You'll see it immediately, or I'll slaughter you immediately. Please, when you permit you forty days, the crow goes to his home again when he cries and discovers him,

- What are you crying? At the point when he clarified the activity, the crow,

- O shock, will we sob for this? Please, request a boat from the sultan, yet the team of the boat will be forty young ladies. Have a wonderful nursery and a hammam inside the boat. He goes with him and finds the proprietor of that fowl. The kid goes to the correct sultan and requests a boat, as the crow said. The Sultan quickly manufactured a boat as the kid needed and offered it to him. The kid is the skipper of the boat and jumps on it. As you continue pondering where to go adrift, the crow comes - turn the boat to one side. You will see a major mountain step by step. Dock the boat close to that mountain. The proprietor of this winged creature is from the forties; he strolls by the ocean each night. At the point when you see them, jump on the vessel, get right where they are. They don't have the foggiest idea what the boat is. I wonder how this is the thing that the young lady asks you,

- Captain, take me to this boat; Let me perceive how. You simply take the young lady, carry it to the boat. Raise the boat as you stroll around the nursery and the hammam. At the point when he says that he is the proprietor of the feathered creature, the kid discharges the boat and goes to where the right crow says.

He at last shows up there and billets the boat. The mid forties,

- Let's go to the coastline - when they state

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