There was a wide plain in the most profound piece of the valley between the mountains. On this level

there was a major town where creatures consistently lived respectively. Vivid creatures here

They named the city. Since everything right now had numerous hues.

The blossoms were bright, so are the trees. The grass was vivid, the creatures themselves

indeed, even a ton. They were vivid. They were living here in harmony, from all hues and sounds.

There was a beautiful medical clinic for creatures that became ill or harmed in the Colorful City.

At that point a beautiful market to address the issues of creatures and a

there was a dessert producer. The home of every creature was in another structure and shading.

A vivid one with beautiful toys. There was an entertainment mecca. All creatures have a ton of fun here,

they were messing around.

No individuals would go to the vivid city of creatures. As a result of the profound valley between these mountains

No one could land until the base. No one knew the concealed way through the mountains.

Just in Aydede, seldom carries a kid to the vivid city, the kid is confounded by shock

open, visiting the city, all. would meet creatures, mess around, have a ton of fun. At that point Aydede

would take the kid back once more.

That morning, he came up again with a little kid on his back. Bears and wolves

they were angling, lions were sunbathing. Aksakal Aslan, the most established of the beautiful city,

"Welcome Aydede, we should see who is our visitor this time," he said. Aydede on his back

bringing down the kid to the ground, Aksakal sat close to the lion. 'This kid is sibling of ekin

Oğulcan presented him by saying 'Ogulcan Aksakal Aslan, saying' I am fulfilled Ogulcan '

licked the kid's face.

Oğulcan stated, "Are you the ruler of this spot?" Aksakal asked Aslan.

The lion snickered, 'No, there is no lord here, all the creatures here are in harmony and serenity.

live. I don't think anybody needs to be a ruler either. '

Aydede stated, 'Oğulcan feels that there is a ruler all over and consistently men

he thinks he is top dog, 'he said and proceeded,' so he's continually battling with his companions

He doesn't regard his sister and sweetheart by any means, "he said.

Aksakal Aslan was astonished, 'Truly?' she inquired. 'Just because something like this

I get notification from where. I wonder on the off chance that he had these musings, 'Aydedeye asked inquisitively.

Aydede went to the kid and stated, 'What are you saying, Oğulcan?' 'All the motion pictures have rulers and

men are the most grounded in all motion pictures, I am more grounded than all young ladies, than my sister

indeed 'addressed Oğulcan.

Aksakal Aslan snickered once more, 'I don't have the foggiest idea about your motion pictures, yet it's not here

He proceeded by saying, 'We needn't bother with power here against one another. Hued

Force in the city just works for us while working and having some good times. When burrowing the dirt,

for our feet when conveying and running. 'Much obliged to you for this discussion aksakal

Aslan said Aydede, 'On the off chance that you pardon me, I might want to show Oğulcan the vivid city.

In Ogulcan, while inclining toward the old aksakal, he stated, 'I am happy to know you

Uncle Aksakal. I figured I would be so terrified when I saw a lion, however you never frightened me,

Much obliged to you, 'he stated, and went on a visit with Ayde.

A wonderful sun outside warmed all the vivid townspeople. Mother and father creatures

they were cooperating, helping one another. Young men and young ladies to their folks

they were aiding or playing with one another in happiness. Aydede to Oğulcan

shows bright creatures working, resting, playing in places they visit

he stated 'no one here emie no one, something forcibly

doesn't attempt to complete it. Moms and fathers help one another, siblings

they help their more seasoned sisters and tune in to their words. Nothing insolent to his mom

did you see a youngster However, there aren't a wide range of creatures here? ' Ogulcan still

He was watching this city, which resembled a fantasy nation with shock.

At that point they entered the brilliant market of the Colorful City. They strolled inside. Beautiful city, brilliant

creatures, abundance nourishment and things they get by working outside other

they would acquire them to the turtles charge, with the goal that they would require creatures. A few

creatures come and ask nourishment and things they need, assuming any,

they were removing enough. Aydede said to Oğulcan, 'Look, the kids here are never forcing their folks to take this, take this, take this, I need this, as well?

It is safe to say that they are crying? ' Oğulcan didn't respond to this inquiry with humiliation. Aydede, 'I wish

your sister, mother and father when you enter the business sectors, supermarkets

You won't press them to take it, 'he said. Oğulcan's eyes were in beautiful confections. man-in-the-moon

he saw this and stated, 'You can get what you need, Ogulcan, yet just one' he stated, 'Or the consequences will be severe

your teeth decay, and your stomach harms. At that point you can not eat, you will be wiped out 'soncan

Well he shook his head.

At that point Aydede rose over the city to take Oğulcan on his back and take him home.

Oğulcan waved to all the vivid creatures in the city and yelled "Farewell" and

Your back

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