School, lodging or air terminal? Single or twofold leaf entryways? Establishment on the hingeside or the side inverse to pivots? When

picking an entryway closer, various

questions emerge.

Gretsch-Unitas arrangements give independently customized answers to these inquiries.

This is on the grounds that our entryway closers are

flexible and can adjust to explicit structure

circumstances and entryway variations. The creative secluded arrangement of the OTS 73x arrangement

totally covers all necessities and

in this manner makes arranging and establishment simpler

for all applications.

Potential uses run from basic entryway shutting to fire insurance entirely through to

obstruction opportunity. Also, the measured

framework permits quick retrofitting and extra capacities to be effortlessly fused

while actualizing unique solutions.The OTS 73x arrangement makes this occur

as it contains reasonable segments for all

applications and mounting variations over

the board: the slide rail and slide arm,

the even mounting plate and pivot

augmentation are consistently the equivalent. Without

being destroyed, they can be deftly extended with extra segments – for

model, with a mechanical or electromechanical hold-open gadget, entryway leaf

facilitator, opening restrictor or smoke

switch module.

The bit of leeway is self-evident:

we offer our clients segments that

are actually coordinated for all prerequisites.

The scope of various parts you

need to keep in stock is lower and less

fixing adornments are required – this expands productivity and lessens costs.

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