There was one, there was nobody ... In time, a sultan had two girls in the core of straw. The young lady's name is Yaprak, and the young lady's name was Fidan.

Yaprak and Fidan passed on at a youthful age, and their moms kicked the bucket.

The sultan before long wedded a lady, so my youngsters ought not have a mother. Their stepmother deals with Yaprak and Fidan like their own youngsters, they love and stroke them.

The two youngsters have developed consistently. Sapling is seven years of age, Yaprak is eight years of age. In any case, how about we come, the two kids are monstrous. Exactly imagine a scenario in which their appearances are revolting… Actually, their ethics are not excellent.

Despite the fact that their progression moms and fathers cherished themselves so much and satisfied each solicitation of their youngsters, they never tuned in. They don't eat, they don't head to sleep when the opportunity arrives, they don't come when they are called, and they regularly battle one another.

At some point, the sultan had another little girl. It was a delight inside the royal residence. In any case, Yaprak and Fidan were not content with this activity either. They hung their faces; they got imperceptible in the center.

As years went inseparably, Dal developed. Everybody cherishes Dal, whose profound quality is additionally lovely due to his excellence, particularly in his castle, his decency and thoughtfulness were respected.

The sultan and the sultan's moms treat each of the three kids similarly; If they took something to one, they would carry something very similar to the others. In any case, Yaprak and Fidan were not content with this activity by any means.

At some point, the sultan was called to the wedding of the little girl of the Indian Sultan. Arrangement was made right away. Upon the arrival of flight, the Sultan called his kids to:

Let me know, how about we see my kids, what do I get you from India?


Present to me a bundle of Indian texture, daddy, he said.


I stated, daddy, I need a gold arm band from you.

It's the little branch. He stated:

Daddy, whatever you consider fit, bring it!


Is it OK, my little girl, she stated, you need something like your more seasoned sisters. Let me know, what would i be able to get you?

What's more, Dal stated:

Daddy, in the event that you need to purchase something for me as well, at that point I approach you for a silver bowl. Much thanks to you ahead of time for your blessing.

Yaprak and Fidan were humiliated that they couldn't consider expressing gratitude toward their dad, as Dal did. They were envious of Dal since he thought of this business before us.

Anyway… the Sultan jumped on his pony and set out with his fighters. Minimal gone, a distant memory, stream slope level, day and night, a half year a fall. They showed up at a coastline. They proceeded with their way by boarding the cruising boat of the Indian Sultan holding up there.

In the wake of showing up on the ocean for quite a long time, they showed up in India.

Forty days, forty evenings of weddings. The little girl of the Indian Sultan was hitched. The other Sultan purchased a ball material for his oldest girl Yaprak and a brilliant arm band for the hydrangea girl (Bilgi Fidan, neglected to purchase a silver bowl for his little girl, he jumped on the boat and set off for his country…

That night, the sultan found in his fantasy that the boat was trapped in a major tempest. The boat was a shake, a shake ... At that point a major fish took off of the ocean and shouted to the sultan:

Sultan! ... Sultan !. With your stupendous little girl, you got what you needed for your hydrangea young lady, with your little girl, you got what you needed with your hydrangea young lady, why not carry anything to your daughter?

The sultan needs to react to the fish, however since his tongue is kept apprehensive, there isn't a word in his mouth. Fish stated:

It is safe to say that you will go with your little girl flat broke? Furthermore, he's your not too bad youngster ... Is it safe to say that he wasn't the person who said thanks to you for the blessing you would convey? Return the boat rapidly, or I'll sink!

When the fish has completed its guarantee, it is inundated in the water with clamor. The enormous waves shook the boat. The fish at that point returned, striking the boat a few times; he was covered in the waters and lost. The sultan likewise leaped out of his bed in extraordinary dread.

He quickly sent news to the commander and restored the boat. In the wake of getting an excellent silver bowl from India, they set off once more.

They have gone pretty much nothing, they have gone far, they have gone to the land with waves and storms, and after they have gone for a considerable length of time, they have arrived at the land. The sultan jumped on his pony, went with his officers day and night without tiring, and the slope arrived at his old neighborhood.

The kids were anticipating their dad. At the point when the sultan entered the castle garden with his pony, little Dal previously came running, kissing his dad's hand, saying "Welcome" to him. They additionally observed Saplings with Yaprak from behind. They are both running and:

See my texture, you know my arm band ?! they were yelling…

The sultan gave the blessings of each of the three little girls to them. The extraordinary young lady raced to the tailor of the royal residence, made her an excellent dress of Indian texture, dressed behind her. The hydrangea young lady wore her gold arm band on her arm and began to demonstrate Dal to appear.

Little Branch first to more seasoned sister Yaprak:

My sister, your dress is excellent, she stated, wear farewell!

At that point, to his younger sibling Fidan

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