When Mother Earth was living alone at her home. It was hard to live alone, so he was exceptionally exhausted. One day he got up, went to the sky lord as a visitor. At the point when he showed up at the entryway of the royal residence, he heard clamors and clatters. He asked the gatekeeper at the entryway, "what is this?"


- What will he say? The commotion of the seasons siblings. There are four wicked kids, two young ladies and two young men. They continue battling.

Mother Earth :

- Send them to me, he said. Only i'm, let them sit with me a piece.

Guard Toprak advised the mother's solicitation to the lord. The lord stated, "Good." Mother Toprak came back to her home and started to sit tight for her kin in the season.

The most youthful sibling started things out. She was a delightful kid with pink, white hair. Mother Earth:

- My name is Spring, he said. I presented to you a little blessing.

Spring has opened its sack, growing branches from its pack, beautiful rose bunches, twittering winged animals have come out.

Before long the subsequent sibling came. She was a rotund red-cheeked young lady. His name was Yaz. His sibling:

- Come on, how about we see, look, I'm here, he said. At that point po likewise brought out berries, fruits, peaches, plums from his sack and introduced them to Toprak Ana.

At that point the third sibling came. Yellow was a yellow kid. To Mother Earth:

- He said I'm harvest time. "I love depression, calm," he said. At that point he terminated the winged creatures and painted wherever yellow. A quietness (data crumbled. Right now, the fourth sibling came. He dispersed blossoms and organic products, removed a white water from his pocket, painted everything white with this water. Then again:

- My name is winter, my name is winter.

Every one of the four siblings would not like to go to Toprak's home. They got into a battle. Everything topsy turvy. Mother Earth is irate:

- Listen to me, he said. Either come thusly, remain in my home for a quarter of a year, or leave. I don't need all of you together.

- Then the siblings contemplated it. They consented to one another and said "OK", Mother Earth. From that point forward, they have been coming all together, remaining at the Mother Earth for a quarter of a year.

The mists battled,

Lightning flashed,

The thunder thundered,

Lightning hit the ground.

There was one, there was nobody, in time, in the place that is known for sky in the frying pan roughage

there were glad mists. They got along so well that they heard the scarcest battles

no one needed anybody's correct, they would all assistance one another. In any case, this

glad artistic creation didn't take excessively long, dark cloud from another nation to mess around


At some point, the mists were battling once more. One is that of the sky

in the corner saying that I will stop, no other thing resembles this is my place

He reflects. The battle was seriously to the point that it was an enormous splendid light. out

out. Indeed, even the mists feared this light. One of them quickly fled back, the other one

taking cover behind. The name of this subsequent light was lightning. Lightning yells "Oley",

a light was shaping right behind the mists. Lightning like this

a great deal of clamor was heard while having a great time. As though the mists were down the mountains in his property

it resembled something was rolling. The mists embraced each other in dread. Around then this

they understood that the clamor really originated from a cloud. So far in their nation

it was a cloud they didn't see. When lightning strikes, he comes directly behind him and

he was roaring with laughter. Their giggling was high to such an extent that our own were terrified ...

Lightning flashed, thunder snickered, lightning flashed, thunder giggled, our

The mists were searching for a spot to get away from dread. Around then thunder and lightning

they had a battle with one another. This time, an enormous light towards the earth

outstretched. It fell on the ground. The mists in this way met lightning too.

The thunder cut his giggling, and the lightning stopped to sparkle. On the off chance that the lightning


While the cheerful mists were attempting to comprehend what was going on, the dark cloud came and entered: "You

I will consistently be here as we battle, lightning will come from that point onward, at that point the sky

the commotion will chuckle, at that point the lightning will fall on earth. Cheerful mists

they were vexed. In spite of the fact that they didn't generally battle, they were battling sometimes. Solicitation

we see the light in the sky around then, we state lightning flashed, at that point the sky

his commotion chuckles gigantically, at that point the lightning strikes the earth.

We heard that the upbeat mists were attempting to get along quite well. between

what's more, when they got into a battle, they were settling it quickly without making it too huge. Cheerful

This is the main state of being a cloud.

The breeze has included cloud,

It was coming down,

The sun dominated,

They are loaded with find the stowaway

There was one, there was nobody, Allah's worker was many. There is. No, no, the sun

He had his spot in the sky, he was lying close to him, he delighted in it. the sky

While he was lying all alone in his blue, a breeze sound went to his ear ...

"Püff. Püfff" He opened his eyes, resembled this, little wind before him

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