A poor man used to live in one of the nations. In any case, this poor man's better half is as delightful as the twilight. They love one another, they lived cheerfully. Be that as it may, this joy, which isn't concealed by any distress, didn't keep going long. At some point, the most noticeably terrible hearted wizard of that locale saw the young lady and experienced passionate feelings for when she saw it.

"I should have this lady regardless!" he likewise chose. She likewise camouflaged her better half to execute his arrangement. Since he was a wizard, this activity was not troublesome by any means. It resembled a poor spouse. He went to their home.

"Leave, this is my home!" yelled the wizard. The genuine spouse is amazed when he sees somebody who looks precisely like him. His adored spouse, then again, didn't have the foggiest idea what to do and to whom he would be entitled. Since the two men were the equivalent!

Two spouse applicants began to battle. The lady was helping one another, the other. They in the long run carried them to the town's insightful, (data, both guaranteeing that the lady was simply the real spouse, blaming the other for extortion. Aksakallı shrewd a little idea: "We need to make an analysis. At that point I will choose. Do you see that chest? You both will take this chest up to the mountain and bring it back all together. "

The man of the sage was in the chest. Most importantly, the spouse and his chest were supported. He was winded on the slant and begun conversing with himself:

"My God! Where did this difficulty come to us? Be that as it may, if fundamental, I take this chest multiple times to this mountain. For whatever length of time that I don't lose my better half! "

At that point the wizard chest was stacked. He began chatting on the incline: "How substantial was this chest! Yet, it does. I even convey heavier to get that lady. "

The man, who was covered up in the voting booth, informed everything regarding the arrival. Upon this, he quickly comprehended that they were confronting an astute alchemist, saying:

"Whoever can get past the sugar stick is the genuine spouse of this lady." The genuine husband has begun to cull his hair. Of course, he realized he was unable to get past the straw. The other, cheering that "at long last the lady will be my significant other," entered the stick. Be that as it may, while he was still in the stick, the insightful secured the two parts of the bargains with ooze and detained the performer inside the stick! The entire nation disposed of an insidious alchemist. A couple who cherished each other likewise kept on living joyfully

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