Quite a long time ago there was nobody, what befell creatures was more than mountains, stones, trees in woodlands. In before long, on an excellent harvest time morning, the turtle and the bunny met out and about;

"Where's your way, turtle sister," said the hare. "The climate is so lovely, I went for a ride this way. Be that as it may, since our fortune was to meet today, this excellent day is extraordinary, we should compose diversion. " They promptly found a vessel and began making batter from rice (data Their point was to make pies. Be that as it may, while cooperating, the possibility of ​​the hare's brain was to deceive the turtle, continually contemplating how he could delude him. Since he intended to slice the entirety of that baked good to the stomach alone. The idea moved lastly said to the turtle:

"I figure the Turtle sibling ought to do as follows; Let's move this vessel down the slope, whoever gets it previously, eat the baked good. "

The turtle never needed to wager this first. Since he was certain that the hare, an extremely quick creature, would pass him in the race. However, the bunny demanded so much that it needed to state that a turtle would in the long run occur. In the interim, a shrewdness rung a bell. While the hare wasn't taking a gander at him for some time, he sprinkled water inside the vessel to keep the burrito from staying.

At that point the bunny conveyed the vessel to the top, moved down and began to come up short on breath behind him. He was running so energetically that he didn't see the baked good tumbling from the pontoon and adhering to a tree.

The turtle was gradually descending the slope. At the point when he went to the tree, he began to eat the cake.

At the point when the bunny at last got the pontoon, he took a gander at it, there is no burrito! He quickly fired running up the slope once more. He saw the turtle from far off beginning eating the baked good with delight.

Hare, as indicated by the wager they entered, knew the primary individual who got the cake had nothing to do. In any case, she began asking since her stomach was excessively ravenous;

"My dear turtle ... Eat the upper side, however leave the lower side to me."

"I don't have the foggiest idea about the base and the top, this pie is somewhat crude, yet at the same time delicious," said the turtle.

So he ate everything and cleaned it. Her paunch was soaked as though to detonate and she went to the hare and stated:

"Dear rabbit sister. This was in fact an extraordinary dining experience. Much thanks, we will rehash one year from now on the off chance that you need. "

At that point he went to his home. The water of the hare's mouth was running. Since she's extremely ravenous. At the point when he saw that there were some pie morsels on the tree, he began chewing there.

Here, bunnies love to bite the bark of trees that day.

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